Bike Fit
Ride faster, longer, more comfortably, and reduce your chance of injury
Our Beaverton and Clackamas stores offer complete fitting. Contact the store of your choice to make an appointment or to find more info.

Complimentary bike sizing

We include complimentary bike sizing with every bike purchased from Bike Gallery. This ensures that you will receive the ideal bicycle size and determine the approximate recommended saddle height by examining your leg and knee extension.

What is the difference between bike sizing and a bicycle fit?
Some competitors call their bicycle sizing a “bicycle fit” but a true bicycle fitting is so much more. Many people compare getting a bicycle sized the equivalent of making sure you purchase the correct suit size. Getting your suit tailored to your unique body shape is the equivalent of bicycle fitting. Getting the right size bike is important, but nothing is more comfortable and efficient than a bicycle that perfectly matches your body and riding style.

If you’re considering a new bike, talk to us first! Unfortunately we frequently fit people on bikes that they have purchased elsewhere and they have to return or exchange their bike for a new one because it was not correctly sized at the time of purchase. We are concerned about the fit first and we can tell you what specific frames and sizes will work for best for you. You can be assured that we will never recommend a bike that is wrong for you just to make a sale.

Who would benefit from a bicycle fit?

Riding a bike should be fun and comfortable. Almost any cyclists would benefit from a customized bicycle fit. Our staff is trained to work with all riders from the serious rider demanding top performance to the recreational rider or commuter wanting to improve their comfort and efficiency. Additionally, customers who have issues with pain or numbness while cycling, pre-existing injuries or arthritis are especially ideal candidates for a more customized fitting.

Who are you accredited by?

We have received training from most of the major fitting accreditors including Trek, Specialized BG Fit, Serotta International Cycling Institute Personal and Advanced Fit Systems, Bike Fit Systems, and Fit Institute of Slow Twitch (F.I.S.T). Our training program was originally developed by a physical therapist and is composed of a combination of the best of these expert trainings perfected over two decades of fitting. Unlike many fitting systems that rely solely on body measurements and mathematical averages, our system looks at you as an individual and we fit your bike to the unique needs of your body. We’re so confident of our fit services that we guarantee them for a year.

What is included?

The redesigned fit area of the Hollywood Bike Gallery.Our complete fits start with a pre-fit interview where we discuss your riding style, cycling history, previous injuries, age, gender, fitness level and fitness goals. We will also measure your body geometry and range of motion to allow us to determine the best fit for you, optimized down to the smallest details. We will also work with you to address specific issues such as knee pain, back/shoulder/neck pain, saddle or hand numbness, hot spots or general foot pain.

What to bring:

For all fittings, please bring your bicycle, pedals, saddle and comfortable riding clothes (shirt, shorts and shoes). Please bring items that will most closely mirror those you will be using on most rides.

Fit Services

Our Services

Standard Bike Fit $100    

In addition to the services included above (under what’s included), the Basic Body Fit will specifically determine the rider’s ideal:
Seat position
Seatpost height and fore/aft position
Stem length and position
Handlebar width and position
Fore/aft placement of cleats
Please allow approximately 1 ½ hours.

Full Bike Fit

The Full Bike Fit includes everything in the Basic Bike Fit as well as a thorough analysis of the rider’s foot. This fit will specifically determine the rider’s ideal:
Seat position
Seatpost height and fore/aft position
Stem length and position
Handlebar width and position
Fore/aft placement of cleats
Rotational cleat placement
Please allow approximately 2 hours.

Triathlon or TT Bike Fit $200    

The Triathlon/TT Bike Fit includes everything in the Full Bike Fit as well as a thorough custom analysis of proper aerobar placement. The Triathlon/TT Bike Fit will specifically determine the rider’s ideal:
Seat position
Seatpost height and fore/aft position
Stem length and position
Handlebar width and position
Fore/aft placement of cleats
Rotational cleat placement
Aerobar placement
Please allow approximately 2 ½ hours.

Size Cycle Fit $225    

The Size Cycle Fit is designed for the custom bike buyer. The Size Cycle Fit will specifically determine the rider’s ideal:
Frame geometry and measurement recommendations
Stem length and rise recommendation
Handlebar type and size specifications
Please allow approximately 3 hours (may be split into two appointments).

À la Carte Services  

Services offered individually to dial in your fit
Aerobar Fit $50 – for triathlon or time trial applications. This is an ad-on fitting for either the Standard Bike of Full Bike fit.
Allow 30 minutes additional time for this service.
Cleat Fit $100 – fore/aft and rotational cleat placement, lateral foot placement and angular adjustment. Strongly recommended at the time of shoe or pedal purchase. This can optimize performance, reduce the risk of injury as well as addressing “hot spots” or general foot or knee pain.
Please allow approximately 1 ½ hours.
Custom Footbeds $70 to $225– increase your efficiency and comfort. We offer a number of “over-the-counter” options as well as fully custom footbeds from Cyclesoles. We can provide a recommendation based on your specific foot type.
Please ask for more details.

Fit Transfer $75 – transfer of previously established bike measurements to a new bike.
Please allow approximately 1 hour.
Comfort Consultation $45 – basic seat adjustments and suggestions for handlebar positions.
Please allow 30 minutes.

Additional Info
Fitting services are by appointment only. Prices include fitting services only. Additional parts may be required to customize your bicycle to your body and would be an additional cost.
Our guarantee: Our staff takes great care to assure that you are properly fit to your bicycle and we guarantee our fits for one year. If for any reason you don’t feel you are benefiting from your Bike Gallery fitting, please let us know. We will work to make it right or refund your money.
Questions or to schedule an appointment: If you have any other questions about our fit services or would like to set up an appointment, just contact one of our Fit Specialists at a Bike Gallery near you.