Bike Gallery is proud to be a part of a thriving bicycle community in Portland. Our previous owner, Jay Graves, was an early pioneer in helping make Portland the bike city it is today, helping to shape the cycling landscape and truly fostering the vision of, More people on bikes, More often. You can read about all of Jay’s Contributions here.

Today we continue that legacy with ongoing support to these community organizations:

Children’s Heart Foundation Oregon Chapter     

Kelly Aicher, current owner, knows all too well the need for ongoing research to diagnose, treat and prevent congenital heart defects. That’s why 100% of the proceeds of our Wine Rides go to fund the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Bicycle Transportation Alliance     

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance ® is a non-profit membership organization working to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon. Bike Gallery donates a portion of the profit of every road and hybrid bike sold to the BTA to fund community programs.

Northwest Trail Alliance      

The NTA works to create, enhance, and protect mountain bike riding opportunities, advocate for trail access, promote responsible mountain biking and to build, maintain, and ride sustainable trails. Bike Gallery donates a portion of the profit of every mountain bike sold to the NWTA to fund their work.

Community Cycling Center     

The Community Cycling Center, founded in 1994, broadens access to bicycling and its benefits. They remove barriers to bicycling through their programs, which are designed to empower children, youth, and adults to use bicycles to get to school, work, and to explore their communities. They believe that bicycles play a vital role in creating healthy and connected communities where everyone can ride together. Bike Gallery donates a portion of the profit of every youth bike sold to the Community Cycling Center to fund their work.

Trek Game Changer     

We have partnered with Trek in matching funds to advocate bicycle safety, helmet use and for furthering the development of designated Bicycle Friendly Communities. Funds matched with Trek benefit some of the the leading advocacy groups—IMBA, People For Bikes, and the League of American Bicyclists.