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Ride Faster, Stronger, & Longer

Our Hollywood store offers complete fitting services. Contact us today to make an appointment or to learn more.

We include complimentary bike sizing with every bike purchased from Bike Gallery to ensure that you will take home the right bike size with the proper saddle height. For a more comprehensive fit, we recommend one of our professional fit packages. At Bike Gallery, our bike fit experts have received professional training and certifications, and are here to help you achieve maximum comfort, efficiency, and safety on every ride.

What’s Included in Every Professional Fit?

Our complete fits start with a pre-fit interview in which we discuss your riding style, cycling history, previous injuries, fitness level, and fitness goals. We’ll measure your body geometry and range of motion to allow us to determine the best fit for you, optimized down to the smallest details. We’ll work with you to address specific issues such as knee pain, back/shoulder/neck pain, saddle or hand numbness, hot spots or general foot pain.

For all fits, please bring your bike, pedals, saddle and comfortable cycling apparel that you would wear on a typical ride, including cycling shorts and shoes.

Professional Fit Packages

Choose one of our comprehensive fit packages for a complete bike fit solution.

Standard Bike Fit


Includes pre-fit interview plus:

Seatpost height

Seat fore/aft position

Stem length and position

Handlebar width and position

Saddle selection

Full Bike Fit


Includes Standard Bike Fit plus:

Analysis of rider’s foot position

Cleat fore/aft position

Stem length and position

Rotational cleat placement

Arch support evaluation

TT / Tri Bike Fit


Includes Full Bike Fit plus:

Analysis of aerobar position

Aerobar placement

A La Carte Fit Options

Improve your cycling comfort and performance with these fit services.

Aerobar Fit


For triathlon or time trial applications.

This service can be added to the Standard Bike of Full Bike fit.

Shoe & Cleat Fit


Fore/aft and rotational cleat placement, lateral foot placement and angular adjustment. Strongly recommended at the time of shoe or pedal purchase. This service can optimize performance, reduce the risk of injury, and address “hot spots” or general foot or knee pain.

Fit Transfer


Transfer of previously established bike measurements to a new bike.

Comfort Consultation


Basic seat adjustments and suggestions for handlebar positions.

Who Benefits From a Bike Fit?

Riding a bike should be fun and comfortable. Almost any cyclists would benefit from a customized bicycle fit. Our staff is trained to work with all riders from the serious rider who demands top performance to the recreational rider or commuter who wants to improve their comfort and efficiency. Additionally, customers who have issues with pain or numbness while cycling, pre-existing injuries, or arthritis are ideal candidates for a more customized fitting.

Are Bike Gallery Fit Experts Accredited?

Yes! Our fit specialists are Trek Precision Fit certified. Unlike many fitting systems that rely solely on body measurements and mathematical averages, our system looks at you as an individual and we fit your bike to the unique needs of your body. We’re so confident of our fit services that we guarantee them for a year.

Additional Information

Our Fit Guarantee: our staff takes great care to assure that you are properly fit to your bicycle, and we guarantee our fits for 6 months or up to two additional consultations. If for any reason you don’t feel that you are benefiting from your Bike Gallery fitting, please let us know. We will work to make it right or refund your money.

Fitting services are by appointment only. Contact us to schedule your fit today.

Prices include fitting services only. Additional parts may be required to customize your bicycle to your body and would be an additional cost.