Bike Gallery Logos

The Bike Gallery logo comes in a couple different styles. Please read through the guidelines below before making a selection of the logo art you need. If you have any questions or need a customized logo, please contact: Kelly

This is the default logo that will be used on most of our bikes, on water bottles, on our stationary, on our newsletters, on the web, in color print materials and advertising.

VersionBackgroundDimensions (W x H)File Size
EPS (no border)Transparent538KB
EPS (white border)
JPG Extra-Large
White1113 x 900 pixels768KB
JPG LargeWhite875 x 600 pixels731KB
JPG Medium
White438 x 300 pixels647KB
JPG SmallWhite146 x 100 pixels585KB
JPG Extra-Small
White110 x 75 pixels569KB
GIF MediumTransparent218 x 150 pixels8KB


This is a black and white version of the color logo, featuring a white central field instead of yellow. This logo will be featured on B+W print materials and advertising, as well as in any settings where yellow might conflict with the surrounding color or artwork (e.g. against a backdrop that features a different shade of yellow).

Black and white logo

When using this logo against a dark background, please use the version that features a white hairline border around the enclosure. This will prevent that the black circle and bar of the logo blend into the background.

VersionBackgroundDimensionsFile Size
EPS (no border)Transparent481KB
EPS (white border)Transparent481KB
GIF MediumTransparent235 x 160 pixels8KB