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Bike Trade In Program

Trade-In Program

We Want Your Trade-In

We sell used bikes, which means that we actually want your trade-in. Most dealers don't, which usually means a low trade-in offer.

We Make It Easy

You can probably get a little more if you sell your bike privately. Craigslist and eBay can be good if you don't mind spending the time writing ads, answering questions and meeting potential "buyers". With us, you just give us the bike and we do the rest. Just bring your bike to any location and let our Team Member know you'd like a trade in quote. Our trade in expert will use historic data, including Bicycle Blue Book, to give you a quote on your trade in. Quotes are good for one week.

How to Trade-In

  1. Enter your bike information in the Bicycle Blue Book form, and be as accurate and honest as possible.
  2. If you like the trade-in offer, and want to trade it towards a new bike, just bring your old bike to any of our locations for an on the spot trade-in.

Visit Us For More Details

The Fine Print

  • The bike must be in good working order, free of structural damage, clean and ready to be resold. If it is not, we will let you know what it needs, and give you the price it would take to get there. This can be deducted from your trade in amount.
  • We only take bikes as trade-ins towards new bikes or store credits.