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The Products That We Love & Can't Let Go Of

We’re obsessed with cycling, and we spend the majority of our waking hours discovering, exploring, and testing anything and everything that has to do with our passion for two wheels. With an endless stream of new cycling-related products hitting the market every day, it’s our pleasure to do the dirty work, find the best of the best, and share our carefully curated list of Staff Picks with you here. 

Bontrager Tire Levers

A tire lever review? Yes, because it’s a darn good tire lever. If you are a cyclist chances are at some point you will get a flat tire and need to fix it. While this process can be many things for many people these levers make getting the tire off, and in some cases back on, as good as one could hope for. Having used many different tire levers over the past 30+ years of cycling, I can tell you that you definitely don’t want crappy levers when you need a tire lever.

Why red? On the side of a rainy road with fellow riders waiting, finding a bright red dropped tire lever is just a bit easier than a black one. For an item whose price tag is about $5, isn’t springing for the best well worth the price of a latte?

Bontrager Bat Cage

This bottle cage has been used by the Pros in the Paris Roubaix and on many professional riders’ bikes all season long. While it is not the lightest (though certainly not considered heavy) it is by far the best at holding the bottle on the bike over poor roads or trails while still offering unfettered access.

The Bat Cage is made of composite material that won’t mark bottles and is and is virtually indestructible. It is also a great looking cage in my opinion – a bit modern and minimalist with a clean style, and it comes in black. At $15 it is also reasonably priced for a top-shelf upgrade and a piece of kit that the pros ride that you can also add to your arsenal without breaking the bank.

Randall’s Pick

Randall Magahay has been a professional mechanic at Bike Gallery for over 30 years and has also been in charge of our warranty processes for several years. Let it suffice to say that he knows what works, what works for a while, and what is just plain circular file material (aka. garbage). 

Light & Motion Urban Headlights

What is your favorite feature?

There are many things to love, 3 levels of light and a wavy flash mode that I use during the daylight hours. You can also lock the switch so it won’t turn on in your bag.

How often do you use this product yourself?

Every day that I ride a bike, which is most of them.

Who would love this product, and why?

The bike commuter. It has a handy, easy to operate rubber strap, so you can remove it when you park outside the store, or you can get an optional GoPro® mount to stick it on your helmet. I find the wavy flash mode gets more respect from the cars on my morning commute, but I use straight-up light mode on the dark ride home in the rain.

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