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Up to $500 More for Your Bike Trade-In

Cycling technology has progressed more in the last three years than ever before. During our Bicycle Trade-In Event, you can trade in your bike and upgrade to the latest and greatest. We will take the trade in value for your bike from the industry leader, BICYCLE BLUE BOOK, and give EXTRA money* for your trade in, based on the value of the new bike you buy today. You deserve to ride the best - learn more and upgrade today!

Find The Value Of Your Trade-In

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Upgrade

Bike Gallery Advantages

  • Biggest Bike Selection
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Mechanical Skills Classes
  • 30-Day Test Ride
  • Up to 60 Month Financing on Approved Credit
  • More Bike Gallery Advantages

Up to $500 More for Your Trade-In

  • $500 Extra when the new bike you buy today is $5000 or more
  • $250 Extra when the new bike you buy today is $2500 to $4999
  • $100 Extra when the new bike you buy today is $1000 to $2499

*New bike purchase is required. No Extra when buying a bike on sale, but we will still give you the full Bicycle Blue Book trade in amount. Extra offer ends Oct. 31, 2019.

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Electric bikes will change how you ride bikes. They pedal like a regular bike, but the wind is always at your back and hills melt away. Learn more about e-bikes and visit us today for a test ride.

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Off road technology keeps getting better. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a safer, more exciting, and faster full-suspension bike. New to mountain biking? Join us for a ride.

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You aren’t limited to smooth pavement and the same old routes. New road bikes let you go more places and ride more safely. Explore our rides and events.

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Ride your new bike in a new way. Ride a virtual course and connect LIVE with your friends through popular apps or improve performance with structured workouts.