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Jagwire Cable Guide Stopper
$0.45 $0.50 10% Savings
Jagwire's Cable Guide Stoppers are rubber adapters that fit over hydraulic brake lines so that the lines will fit into various open-type frame cable-housing stops and stay securely in place. You get a pack of 50.
Bontrager Trek Nebula Seatpost Bolt
$0.89 $0.99 10% Savings
M7 Shaft/M6 Head 48mm Long
Electra Bubble Valve Caps Night Owl
$0.99 $6.99 86% Savings
Electra's Bubble Valve Caps are perfect for anyone who wants to customize their sweet ride down to the last detail. Simply screw onto any Schrader valve, step back and admire your awesome wheels.
Electra Valve Caps
$0.99 - $8.99 $8.99 Up To 89% Savings
The crowning touch for any cruiser wheel. - Decorative valve covers screw onto valve stem - Designed for standard Schrader valves only - Set of two, one for each wheel
Chamois Butt'r Original Formula Chamois Cream
$1.13 - $13.49 $1.25 - $14.99 Up To 10% Savings
Chamois Butt’r is the most popular chamois cream for cyclists, including top men and women pro riders. It's a non-greasy skin lubricant that improves your riding comfort by preventing rubbing and chafing. It's safe for use on even the most delicate fabrics and it washes right off the skin and out of shorts easily with soap and water. What's more, Chamois Butt'r leaves your skin feeling even better than before riding. And, it also helps extend the life of your cycling shorts by restoring the softness and suppleness of both natural and synthetic chamois pads. The single-use packets are just right for taking along on rides or events or giving to friends who need more comfort. The tube is the perfect size for your drawer or gear bag and offers many applications.
SKS Rubber Straps (Set Of 8)
$1.34 $1.49 10% Savings
- Rubber straps - Fit Raceblade, Mud-x - Set of 8
SKS Stainless Fender Drawbolt/Nut
$1.35 $1.50 10% Savings
Set of 8 SKS stainless fender drawbolt/nuts
Bontrager Flare Round Mounting Kit
$1.79 $1.99 10% Savings
Key features: - Replacement or extra mounts for all Bontrager Flare rear lights - Use to mount Flare lights to seatposts, racks, seatstays, or any other creative spot - Kit includes Flare light mount, two bases, and rubber strap adapters
Bontrager Helmet Buckles 
$1.79 - $5.99 $1.99 - $5.99 Up To 10% Savings
Helmet buckles work hard to keep your helmets secure and to maximize safety. No matter what happens, these original replacements will get them working like new. Key features - Original replacement buckles for your Bontrager helmet - Compatible with all Bontrager helmets
Bontrager XXX Rubber Rim Valve Grommet
$1.79 $1.99 10% Savings
• Rim valve grommet for XXX rims • Rubber
KMC Half Link Adapter
$1.79 - $2.70 $1.99 - $3.00 Up To 10% Savings
- Half-link connector allows you to add or subtract half of one link (1/2 inch) from the chain in order to optimize chain tension - Uses standard chain pin connector and tool
Sunlite 3-Speed Anchor Adjuster
$1.79 - $2.24 $1.99 - $2.49 Up To 10% Savings
- Replacement adjustable nut for three-speed internal hubs.
Sunlite Derailleur Bracket Bolt & Nut
$1.79 $1.99 10% Savings
- Model: Derailleur Bolt & Nut - Compatibility: Mounts rear bracket to frame
Sunlite Three Speed Sturmey Archer Axle Nut
$1.79 $1.99 10% Savings
Replacement Axle nuts for three speed Sturmey Archer hubs.
Genuine Innovations Presta Valve Adaptors
$1.80 $2.00 10% Savings
Easily convert your Presta valve into a Schrader valve with Genuine Innovations' lightweight, all-aluminum Presta Valve Adaptors. • Card of 12 • Construction: aluminum • Airtight O-Ring Seal/Screw On
Hayes HFX-MAG Compression Bushing
$1.80 $2.00 10% Savings
Hose fittings for Hayes hydraulic disc brakes
Shimano Di2 E-Tube Dummy Plug
$1.90 $2.11 10% Savings
Shimano E-tube Dummy Plugs - Extra E-Tube plugs for sealing unused ports on shifters or junction boxes - Sold each
Bontrager Flare Rack Mount Kit
$1.99 - $3.59 $1.99 - $3.99 Up To 10% Savings
Key Features - Perfect for mounting compatible Flare taillights to rear rack - Includes a bolt and star washer for extra security - Easiest to install with light installed for better leverage
Electra Handlebar Flower
$1.99 $9.99 80% Savings
Cheer up, buttercup! Electra's bright, cheery Handlebar Flowers add a fun splash of color to your bike that's sure to bring a smile to your and your friends' faces on every ride!
Bontrager Isozone Bar End Plug
$2.69 $2.99 10% Savings
Bar end plugs (2)
Bontrager TLR Tire Sealant
$2.69 - $22.49 $2.99 - $24.99 Up To 10% Savings
Bontrager's TLR Tire Sealant does away with tubes. Running tubeless is lighter and allows lower tire pressures for better traction without worrying about pinch flats. TLR Tire Sealant flows easily through Bontrager Tubeless valves (sold separately) with removable cores so you can set them up without removing your tire. Its unique formula coats the inner walls of your tire to repair punctures as soon as they occur. It requires as little as an ounce to seal tubeless tires and its long-lasting, non-corrosive, ammonia-free formula works for months and plays nicely with aluminum rims and rubber tires. Available in a 32-ounce size for your home shop or a convenient 2-ounce size that works great for topping off your sealant levels.
Dia-Compe Straddle Cable Carrier
$2.69 $2.99 10% Savings
- Aluminum straddle cable carrier for cantilever brake
Genuine Innovations CO2 Refill Cartridges
$2.69 - $3.59 $2.99 - $3.99 Up To 10% Savings
- Standard threaded cartridges are 3/8" x 24tpi thread to fit any brand inflator - Law prohibits ORM-D materials from shipping by air - Box includes 20 CO2 cartridges
Jandd Adhesive Backed Reflective Tape
$2.69 $2.99 10% Savings
Make your stuff and yourself visible to cars as you crush your early morning commute or a nighttime ride. - Provides 500 candle power reflective ability due to 3M's glass bead technology, it even reflects well at high angles of approach - Sold in bundles of 12 - Each strip is 3/4 x 13"
Park Tool Replacement Chain Tool Pin
$2.69 $2.99 10% Savings
Park Tool's Replacement Chain Tool Pin fits Park Tool's CT-1, CT-2, CT-3, CT-3.2, CT-5, and CT-7 Chain Tools (each sold separately). • Made from hardened alloy tool steel • Uses 7mm or 9/32" 12 pt box end/socket
Dia-Compe Straddle Cable
$2.70 $3.00 10% Savings
- 380Mm long, Single-Ended straddle for mountain cantilever brakes
Electra Basket Band
$2.99 $14.99 80% Savings
Add some colorful flair and a zippered pocket to your wicker basket (sold separately) with Electra's Basket Band.
Park Tool Super Patch Kit (Carded)
The Super Patch Kit is comprised of a small plastic case, a piece of sandpaper for roughing up the tube and 6 peel-and-stick patches so no gluing is required. The patches stick fast thanks to 3M technology and they're thin and flexy to stretch with the tube. There's no easier way to patch a tube.
Wheels Manufacturing Inc. Presta Stem Saver
$3.15 $3.50 10% Savings
- Shim adds support to presta stem used in a schrader rim
Bontrager Air Support HP/HV Grommet/Cap
$3.59 $3.99 10% Savings
- Replacement grommet/cap for Air Support pumps and Mini Charger
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