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Bell Super 2 MIPS

Bell Super 2 MIPS
  • Color: Matte White/ Glacier Blue Sonic
  • Color: Matte Gunmetal Shimmer
This item is currently not available.


Adding a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) to the already impressive, extended coverage of the women's Super 2 MIPS Helmet may be the smartest idea Bell's had since its antimicrobial X-Static padding. MIPS involves connecting an internal layer to the helmet's shell with flexible bands. This lets the shell and the inner layer move independently of each other, with the shell sliding across the MIPS layer like a tectonic plate across the earth's asthenosphere. This separate movement effectively dissipates impact forces by redirecting them away from your head, letting the helmet's brain protect your brain.

Other than the inclusion of MIPS technology, the Super 2 MIPS is the same as the regular Super 2. Its In-Mold polycarbonate shell is not only stronger and lighter than most on the market, it extends farther down the back of the head than nearly any competitor. That excellent coverage doesn't compromise weight, however, thanks to copious ventilation that serves to shave grams as much as promote airflow. The four Overbrow vents up front help enormously in this regard, too, keeping the wind moving over your dome seamlessly and consistently so you don't overheat.

The Super 2 also has some playful additions that recommend it for the modern enduro rider. Namely, it's got a break-away camera mount, so neither your camera nor your helmet get too banged up in a crash, and the GoggleGuide adjustable visor's screws are the break-away type, as well, meaning all is not lost if you bail. The Super 2's big party trick, though, is that it's compatible with Bell's 2R chin bar, a detachable protective structure that effectively turns the 2 into a full-face helmet. Ride lifts one day, and set out on an all-mountain epic the next. Whatever you're up for, the Super 2 is down.