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Selle Italia Sportourer Zoo Saddle

Selle Italia Sportourer Zoo Saddle
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Revolutions always start with small gestures. Sportourer is aware of this, so it pays attention to the needs of those who ride and the needs of Nature, using sustainability to drive business growth and to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and its products.

Biox, the first material obtained from castor oil, a natural renewable resource. Castor beans grow in semi-arid or desert areas requiring little water and having low environmental impact. The use of renewable resource materials require less processing thereby reducing the amount of energy used during production and reducing CO2 emissions.

ZOO Gel for “active cyclists” who use their bike during the week for longer distances. The saddle is light with a foam cushion for high performance.


Size: W 160 x L 276mm
Material: Synthetic Leather
Elasticity & Softness
Rail: FeC Alloy
100% Waterproof
Weight: 315g

Part Numbers

8030282444959 20I106N201JEC003 ZSA297439155