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Shimano ME3 - 2018

Shimano ME3 - 2018
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The Shimano SH-ME3 MTB Shoe is a versatile shoe designed to perform flawlessly on intense off-road rides. The ME3's feature a comfortable synthetic upper complete with low-profile reverse buckles and a cross X-strap to provide a supportive, adjustable fit designed to eliminate hotspots. Featuring a lightweight construction and efficient design, these shoes offer a TORBAL midsole rigid enough for responsive stability, yet flexible enough for a more natural feel and flow on descents. Complementing the flexible stiffness of the glass fiber-reinforced TORBAL sole, the ME3 utilizes a lightweight rubber outsole to deliver all-condition traction for performance on or off the bike.

The Shimano SH-ME3 MTB Shoe is compatible with 2-bolt cleats.